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Press Outlets featuring Russ Lacasse

It's always exciting when your hard work is noticed - and it's even more exciting when it is noticed by notable industry outlets. Both Nashville-based and nationally recognized, Russ Lacasse would like to thank American Songwriter Magazine, Music City Nashville, and Nashville Country Music Magazine for featuring him and reviewing his work both as a performing artist and as a songwriter/co-writer.

"But, even here on a Monday night the quality of the original songs and co-writes that were offered by the aspiring artists was quite good. For instance, take "Pain of Glass" by Russ Lacasse. This serious number about self-reflection was strong and revealing and a high-point of the 90 minute showcase." - Rich & Laura Lynch, Music City Nashville

"What makes this showcase unique and so powerful? The opportunity Isaacs has created is opening real doors to greater success in Music City. For example, consider the case of Russ Lacasse - the one performer who has shown up for every edition of this series since the beginning.

The charismatic and captivating performer who is also an adept songwriter revealed from the stage that only a few short years ago he made for a painfully shy and introverted figure who did not feel at home in the spotlight. Now, not only has Lacasse busted out of his shell he has teamed up with several co-writers to pen a number of songs that are beginning to see action and traction.

To cap it all off - due to his increasing confidence and competence - he has ascended to the role of host of the Russ & Friends Weekend Kickoff Show presented live every Friday from the Belcourt Taps. This live round features nascent newcomers and established acts in a two-hour set that is streamed live on WFMC Jams radio around the world to over 50 countries. Not bad for a guy who had difficulty speaking in public not too long ago. Lacasse gives a lot of credit to the "Performance Night" for his changing fortunes."

"With “The Mirror,” Nashville-based singer-songwriter Laura Rabell shows how a song can initially seem like it’s about insecurity – but in the end, it’s really about strength and bravery." (cont'd) When I wrote this song with Russ Lacasse, we decided that the mirror needed a good punch, right in the face,” Rabell continues. “But as he pointed out, a cracked mirror only stares back at you with 1,000 more of the same face. At the end of the day, you can’t run from yourself or your insecurities. So I think this song actually preaches empowerment. It’s okay to be you. It’s okay to be different. Smash the mirror.

"A Songwriter's Life' is a show hosted by Russ Lacasse. It is a reality show based on the activities of a Nashville Songwriter. Russ is the host of a Friday evening songwriters showcase at Belcourt Tapps in Nashville. The show features various artists and songwriters, including hit songwriters. His Television show production will provide a look inside the writer's life of writing, co-writing, performing, promoting, networking and lifestyle of Nashville songwriters. Russ is a board member of the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. In the few years Russ has been in Nashville, he has had several cuts, including two on the "Dancing With The Dinosaurs CD" by  "Cash Creek Band."

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